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Frequently Asked Questions

What time should we arrive?

In order to guarantee your spot on board the ship, you must arrive 1hr prior to cruise time. Guests who fail to check-in 1hr before their cruise time may have their tickets resold.

Why do we need to be there an hour before?

Arrival one hour prior to cruise time affords guests enough time to secure parking, gather their group and prepare for boarding. Due to the high demand for cruise tickets, it is imperative we confirm guests attendance so that we may accommodate our standby passengers.

Do we need a reservation?

Reservations are strongly advised for all guests during all cruise seasons. A reservation is the only way to confirm we will be able to accommodate your party. We sell out often and have a limited number of spaces on board with a passenger limit we cannot exceed. No exceptions.

Do you offer any discounts?

If you make your reservation through our website, at least one day in advance, you can save $2 per ticket. Tickets must be picked up one hour before cruise time to be eligible for the discount.

How long is the cruise?

Our cruise is 2 hours. We reserve the right to alter cruise duration.

What course does the ship take?

We make every effort to reach the Gulf of Mexico and sail along the beautiful waters of Clearwater Beach, however, in the rare case of high winds or poor weather, we may be restricted to the inter coastal waterway. Our captains use their best discretion to maximize guests enjoyment while ensuring their safety.

Will we see dolphins?

We make our best effort to locate dolphins. Clearwater beach has a healthy population swimming around it’s waters, but we cannot guarantee we will spot them during our cruise. Should we see dolphins, we will alert our passengers and make sure everyone has the opportunity to take a look.

What age range is the children’s program suited for?

Our children’s program is suitable for all ages of children. Our pirates are friendly, we cannot stress this enough. We aim to make all children feel included in our stories, activities, and games. So long as your child is open to participating, their age does not matter. We regularly have toddlers and teenagers as part of our program.

Do you sell gift certificates?

YES! More information about gift certificates can be found here: Captain Memo Gift Certificates


25 Causeway Blvd. Clearwater Beach, Florida 33756

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Cruise Times

Cruise times vary please see below, or call for information.

Current Cruise Times

10am ● 2pm ● 5pm

Arrr you ready for your pirate adventure?

That’s fantastic, we’re looking forward to having you. Remember, cruise times are seasonal always book in advance.

Online reservations cannot be made within 24 hours of your desired cruise time, for same day reservations guests must call our ticket office to secure their booking.


*Note: Cruise times / frequency are seasonal, please review the full schedule to help in the booking process.

Daytime Cruise Prices

10:00am and 2:00pm

Adults: $37.00
Seniors ( 65+): $35.00
Juniors (13 – 17): $31.00
Children (3 – 12): $30.00
Babies (2 & under): $11.00

Sunset Cruise Prices


Adults: $40.00
Seniors ( 65+): $35.00
Juniors (13 – 17): $31.00
Children (3 – 12): $30.00
Babies (2 & under): $11.00