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Pirate Weddings

About Pirate Weddings

Venue and Ceremony

Til death do ye’ part

Does a traditional wedding sound a little too dull for you? If you arggghh more of the adventurous type, why not consider a pirate wedding departing from Clearwater Beach, voted the country’s most beautiful beach. Tie the knot and embark on the voyage of marriage while sailing across the smooth waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Our ship becomes the wedding venue of your dreams with a full crew dressed in their finest pirate rags. As your group arrives we’ll be serving up grog at our full service bar and engaging your guests as they get settled.

As the sun begins to set, we’ll position the ship overlooking the horizon and begin the ceremony with our captain serving as the officiant. Once finished, let the plundering and pillaging begin! Our professional crew will help you get the dance party started and keep it going until we return to the dock.

  • We can provide catering suggestions or work with vendors of your choice
  • Bar packages tailored to your wishes
  • Provide a playlist or allow us to curate the music
  • Large main deck and professional sound system for dancing
  • Cruise length and program can be altered to suit your needs.