The Legend of Captain Memo

Captain Memo and his wife Panama Pam sailed to Florida from California in a 30 ft. sailboat via the Panama Canal.

In an earlier life he used to be known as Bill Wozencraft, a Prudential Life Insurance Agent. His wife, Pam, had been a teacher for the Hearing Impaired. His Bachelor of Arts Degree is from San Jose State University in Public Relations and, her Masters Degree is from San Diego State University.

After getting up each morning knowing he had to put on a suit and tie just to go out in the world and get rejected by 95 people a day, he knew there must be a better way to exist on this planet other than selling life insurance. He didn’t know it would be being a Pirate in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

The initial goal they set was to sail to the Caribbean within a year. It actually took two and a half years, and they ran out of money along the way.

panama-pam-sIt was in Panama that “Bill” became “Captain Memo”. the Panamanians, who speak Spanish, called Bill by his Spanish name “Memo”. Since he had a boat, he became Captain Memo.

A Canadian Travel Company invited Captain Memo to Clearwater Beach, Florida, where they were going to build a Pirate Ship. And, they needed an American Captain to run the ship for them. “How would he like to run it for them?”

Captain Memo asked what he had to do, and the company said that all he had to do was to get to Clearwater Beach, Florida, and that they would take it from there. So, the two of them sailed some 3000 miles with only $50 in their pocket and a empty case of Coke bottles, only to find out that this travel company was all talk and no “go”.

memo-shades-sPam then went to work as a cocktail waitress to get them started. They moved off their boat, painted it black, and added brown sails. She made Captain Memo some pantaloons, a bandana and sash and he came out as Captain Memo The Pirate, yelling, “Ahoy, Mateys!”.

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of an icon.
In loving memory of Captain Memo June 5, 1948 – October 13, 2009
To honor his legacy, his family will continue to follow his dreams of bringing joy to all through his pirate cruises.


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